TechConnected @ UCLA

Enabling Social Change With Technology

Who We Are

In the Fall 2020, UCLA undergraduates Arjun Verma and Snehin Rajkumar started TechConnected with the goal of enabling social change using technology. Our members aim to use their technical skills to augment the impact that UCLA social change organizations have on underserved communities. We hope to facilitate the transition of services to online platforms by offering free graphic design and website development services to fulfill our partners' needs.

Our Mission

TechConnected aims to drive impactful social change by enabling UCLA organizations with the technology needed to deliver services via a remote platform.

Past Projects

Melanin and Medicine is a UCLA organization whose mission is to "revolutionize the future of medicine by dismantling the institutional barriers posed against Black students" pursuing medicine. They host a variety of engaging panels with physicians, public health professionals and medical students from several specialties. TechConnected designed a website that showcases their wonderful leaders and work.

SCOPE FitNut is a UCLA organization that strives to educate and empower elementary school children by teaching fitness and nutrition. They are dedicated to raising awareness on social determinants of health and encouraging healthy lifestyles. TechConnected developed a customized search engine, through which children and parents can search through a catalog of resources regarding healthy meals, low-cost grocery stores and exercise videos.


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