About TechConnected

The COVID-19 pandemic revealed a multitude of social issues within our society. Finding a way to contribute meaningfully to each cause seemed nearly impossible. TechConnected founders, Arjun Verma and Snehin Rajkumar, UCLA undergraduates, wanted to equip social change organizations with the technology necessary to continue their work through the pandemic.

Our members are passionate about driving impactful social change and recognize that technology can be used to augment the reach of social justice organizations. We acknowledge the underlying social forces that contribute to persistent inequalities in our society and are dedicated to promoting equity and justice by technologically supporting UCLA organizations that align with our mission. We hope to facilitate the transition of services to online platforms and increase the impact of these organizations on underserved communities. We offer graphic design and website development services to fulfill our partners' needs.

Our Services

Graphic Design

We provide a variety of graphic design services, including logo, infographic and social media consultations.

Web Development

Our developers build customized web applications to deliver a service or showcase your organization.