Current and Previous Partners

Melanin and Medicine is a UCLA organization whose mission is to "revolutionize the future of medicine by dismantling the institutional barriers posed against Black students" pursuing medicine. They host a variety of engaging panels with physicians, public health professionals and medical students from several specialties. TechConnected designed a website that showcases their wonderful leaders and work.

SCOPE FitNut is a UCLA organization that strives to educate and empower elementary school children by teaching fitness and nutrition. They are dedicated to raising awareness on social determinants of health and encouraging healthy lifestyles. TechConnected developed a customized search engine, through which children and parents can search through a catalog of resources regarding healthy meals, low-cost grocery stores and exercise videos.

SCOPE AllBrains

SCOPE AllBrains is a UCLA organization that seeks to create a safe, neurodiverse community on campus at UCLA. Their efforts provide training for groups to facilitate a neurodiverse-friendly environment. TechConnected has developed an education module that trains users about neurodiversity and how to work with neurodiverse individuals.

UCLA Internet Bull Report

Internet Bull Report (IBR) is a financial newsletter that uncovers remarkable equities in the High Tech and Biotech sectors globally and aims to deliver simplified, clear, and no-analyst-jargon news. Their goal is to promote financial literacy by improving access to information about investing in the stock market.